For Direction To Park Use: 100 Preserve Road, Shabbona, IL 60550
Bait Shop (815) 824-2581 Park Ofc (815) 824-2106 Cafe (815) 824-2481

Basic Campground Info

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Shabbona Lake State Park Campground Information

Shabbona Lake State Park Campground is a semi-wooded area with 150 Class A sites with electricity, showers, vehicular access, boat launch, playground, kid’s fishing area, and The Camp Store. No more running into town when you have forgotten an item, just walk over to The Camp Store to find it. We have everything you need! Bring your kids over and use our loaner fishing poles! We also have paddle boats that you may rent to enjoy a scenic view of Shabbona Lake.

Each campsite has a gravel parking space, picnic table, and a campfire ring. Camp fires are only allowed in the ring. Please use dead wood on the ground in your immediate area, bring your own wood or buy some at The Camp Store. All vehicles must park on the gravel pads. Please remember to erect your tent on or within 15 feet of the gravel pad.

A single camp is considered to be a family of no more than four adults, or a group of no more than four unrelated adults. Four unrelated adults without children may occupy up to two tents per campsite.


Reservations for the cabins, campsites, shelters and youth group can be made on-line through

View more photos of the Cabins

Shabbona Lake State Park has two cabins available for rent.  The cabin consists of two rooms that total approximately 200 square feet. The cabin is located near the shore of the lake facing the southeast overlooking the water. The area is shaded and fairly secluded. At this time there in no dock for boats at the cabin, but a dock is nearby at the boat launch. A Maximum of 6 people allowed. Reservations are handled online at  www.RESERVEAMERICA.COM

The Camp Store provides several services to the campers of Shabbona Lake State Park’s 150 site campground.  We are your one-stop location for all your camping needs during your stay.

Interactive Campground Map

Checkout pictures of the Shabbona Lake State Park camp sites before you arrive. View Shabbona Lake Campground Map or view photos of each site


When using Map Quest use 100 E. Preserve Rd., Shabbona, Il., 60550

Alcohol Ban

Possession and consumption of alcohol is prohibited at all times in the camping areas. This regulation is strictly enforced.

*You may not purchase or hold a site for anyone else.


Vehicular Access

Vehicular Access to the campground is prohibited between 10 PM and 6 AM. A tire shredder is activated between these hours. Also, you are allowed a maximum of two vehicles per site and both must be on the gravel pad.

Quiet hours

Quiet hours are in effect from 10 PM to 7 AM.

Ground fires

Ground fires are allowed only in the fire rings at each campsite. You may gather dead wood or bring your own. Fire wood may also be purchased at the Camp Store. Operation of chain saws is prohibited.

Lake hours

Park hours are 6 AM to 10 PM. All boats must be off the lake at 9:30 PM. Campers only – may bank fish all night long from the campground shore.

Hours of Operations

From May 1st through October 31st you may check in from 6 AM to 10 PM. Check out time is 3 PM the following day. However, a permit for a campsite must be renewed by 10 AM for campers wishing to extend their stay. The campground closes, the gate is locked and all visitors MUST leave by 10 PM. In emergency situations, contact the campground host. From November 1st through April 30th, check in times are from 8 AM to sunset. There is no access to the campground after sunset during this time.

Camp Definition

All sites are single family campsites. A “single family” consists of either or both parents and unmarried children, but not to exceed 4 adults (18 years of age or older). In addition, a group of not more than 4 occupants may occupy up to two tents on a single campsite.

Length of Stay

Campers are eligible to camp for a maximum of 14 days in a 30 day period. You may leave your camp unoccupied for no more than 24 hours.


Each campsite has a gravel parking space, picnic table, and a campfire ring which is the only spot where ground fires are allowed. Only dead wood on the ground in your immediate vicinity may be collected for fires. All vehicles must park on the gravel pads. All tends must be erected on or within 15 feet of the gravel pad.

Swimming / Wading

Swimming and/or wading is prohibited at Shabbona Lake. This regulation is strictly enforced

Shabbona Lake Camping Fees


No Exemptions – Any Day

IL Seniors 62 & older and/or Disabled w/ Class 2 or 2A card.
IL Seniors 62 & older and/or Disabled w/ Class 2 or 2A card. FRI, SAT & SUN Disabled VET’S & POW’S

$35.00 HOLIDAY

$17.50 PER DAY

$22.50 HOLIDAY

$25.00 PER DAY$35.00 HOLIDAY $10.00 PER DAY
CABINS $50.00 PER DAY$60.00 HOLIDAY $42.50 PER DAY$47.50 HOLIDAY $50.00 PER DAY$60.00 HOLIDAY $35.00 PER DAY


Days included in holiday pricing: Memorial Day weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

July 4th weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Labor Day weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Camp fees undergo seasonal adjustments when the shower building closes. Discounts are also extended to Illinois residents 62 and older or Illinois residents with a Class 2 disability (possessing an identification card issued by the Secretary of State). In addition, discounts are available to Illinois residents who are disabled veterans or former POWs (appropriate documents must be obtained from the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs).

82 thoughts on “Basic Campground Info

  1. Can you tell me if the campground has any flush toilet restrooms? Where are their on the campground map? Or are they all pit toilets? Thank you

  2. Thank”Its For All The Info. About The Camp Sites. It Has Ansered All My Questions .I Have Visited The Lake For 25yrs.Fished it But Never Camped There, Sounds Great.Thanks Again Ken M.

  3. We are planning a camping trip but we will not be staying overnight (we will leave before 10 PM). Do we still need a tent in order to get a permit?

    • The State Park office handles all Campsite reservations and inquiries. Please call them at 815-824-2106

  4. I am planning a birthday weekend for me and two of my friends and inviting many to join us. We would like to get sites near each other so we can come by and have fires together. Can we get a block of sites for this?

  5. I did not make a reservation but would like to camp tomorrow are there any sites available for us to just come in

    • The campground is operated by the State of Illinois and the State Park office. We are the concessionaires who operate the bait shop, campground store and restaurant. All campground reservations are handled at As for the first-come first-serve sites it is always best to contact the State Park office at 815-824-2106. ~ Becky

      • Are train horns still frequently being blown on the weekends in the middle of the night?

        Two years ago we camped there and they could be easily heard every hour.



        • yes I just camped there last weekend and you could hear them loud and clear all night and day. I grew up in Shabbona. That was the only thing I did not miss.

  6. we reservered four sites..we have two big tents..a nine person and a 12 we need a tent on each site?

    • The campground is operated by the State of Illinois and the State Park office. We are the concessionaires who operate the bait shop, campground store and restaurant. For camping questions it is best contact the State Park office at 815-824-2106 as they will have the correct answer for you. ~ Becky

  7. Are there electric and water hookups at the campsites? It mentions electric in the first paragraph, but not in the campsite description.

    • There’s a few hotels in DeKalb, Sycamore and Rochelle that have indoor pools. That’s the closest.

  8. Mine is similar to Alice. My wife and I (2 adults) and 5 year old son. And my brother and 6 year old son. Total of 3 adults and 2 kids in one big tent. My elderly mother was asking if there was room for her too. Would 4 adults and 2 little ones be too much?

  9. I read that a max of 4 people are allowed on 1 campsite.
    I have myself my husband and 3 kids ages 12 9 and 7 with 1 tent ( the kids don’t want their own tent yet) Will I have to pay extra since I have 1 extra person how does this work?

  10. Choosing a tent for camping is the first task for any camping trip. What type of weather conditions are you expecting? Always be prepared for the worst, rain, wind, and cold. There are three season and four season tents available. Four season tents are heavier than three season tents. They tend to have more poles than three season tents to help them withstand wind and snow fall. Of course, most of us are fair weather campers. A three season tent will be fine for us. So, now, what style of tent do you want?*

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  11. These are basic simple things to think about. Your camping equipment needs will vary depending on where you will be camping. Camping on the beach has different needs then camping in the mountains. You should always start your foray into camping small. Take a day trip somewhere close to your home. Check out the surroundings and the camp sites. Get an understanding of what the equipment needs will be.-

    Current write-up straight from our personal internet page

  12. I have a 34ft 5th wheel trailer. Are there sites that I can park this and still have space for my truck?

  13. We would like to camp this weekend. The reservation site doesn’t allow us to make a reservation for this weekend, can we still camp?

    • The camp ground is operated by the State Park office. Unfortunately, we cannot help you as we manage the bait shop, restaurant and camp store only. Please call the State Park office at 815-824-2481

    • We are the concessionaires that operate the bait shop, restaurant and camp store. Please call the park office at 815-824-2106 for camping regulations.

  14. Can you tell me when the bathroom facilities at the campground close for the winter? And are there any bathrooms open year round? Thanks

    • Please check with the State Park office at 815-824-2106. They operate the Camp Ground and will be able to answer you question.

  15. where going in october camping at this park and we fish off of boat were would be the best place to catch a musky in october

    • When you arrive in October, we recommend that you stop in at the Bait Shop for the best and latest information on Muskie Fishing.

    • There are 50 first come first serve sites available. For Labor Day weekend we recommend that you arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. The State Park office 815-824-2106 operates the camp ground.

  16. Please describe the bedding arrangements in the cabins. How would 5 adults sleep? I see a bunk bed, and a double bed? Is there another bed/sofa bed? Thank you.

  17. is ther gift certificates I can get for a present to individuals. or any way (for Xmas) that I could pay ahead for someone, to use during the 2013 Season?

    • Swimming is not allowed at Shabbona Lake. The closest public pool is located in DeKalb, IL at Hopkins Park.

    • Water is available in the campground. There are several spickets located throughout the campground where you can fill up water tanks to take back to your camper.

  18. Do the cabins have electricity? How far away are the bathrooms, or do the cabin have these. Are dogs allowed? Thanks!

    • Hi Katie,
      The cabins do have electricity and air conditioning. The bathrooms are not that far away. You can view the camp ground map here. Look for PW (outhouse & water) on the map. The dogs are allowed at the cabin location, but not inside the cabin.
      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    • Hi Mark,
      All sites are available for rent via Any sites that have not been reserved through the online system are available for first come first serve option. (A few exceptions, handicap sites and Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental sites used for packages.) The process changed a bit once the went to the online reservation system.

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