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Boat Rental Rates

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2014 Boat Rental Rates

$20.00 Fee for stuck rental boats.  Do not go into areas where it is too windy or too shallow.

Fisherman’s Six Passenger Pontoon (has a trolling motor and depth finder)
All Day $220.00
Four Hours $135.00
Two Hours $90.00
Eleven Passenger Pontoon
All Day $250.00
Four Hours $155.00
Two Hours $110.00
Nine Passenger Pontoon
All Day $230.00
Four Hours $140.00
Two Hours $95.00
Eight Passenger
All Day $210.00
Four Hours $125.00
Two Hours $80.00
Six Passenger Pontoon
All Day $190.00
Four Hours $110.00
Two Hours $65.00
Four Passenger Pontoon
All Day $170.00
Four Hours $95.00
Two Hours $50.00
Bass Boat
All Day $175.00
Four Hours $110.00
Two Hours $75.00
14′ Bass Boat
All Day $150.00
Four Hours $100.00
Two Hours $65.00
Motor Boat
All Day $85.00
Four Hours $60.00
Two Hours $40.00
Motor Only All Day $40.00
Row Boats, Paddle Boat, Canoe
All Day $40.00
Four Hours $35.00
Hourly $15.00
Kayaks (One Person)
All Day $30.00
Four Hours $20.00
Hourly $10.00
Cushion/Throw-able PFD $2.00 Day
Seat/Fire Extinguisher Battery Box $5.00 Day
Depth Finder $10.00 Day
Trolling Motor w/Battery $15.00 Day




Discounts for 2014 Season

Boat Rentals all discounts apply to all day rentals only

Discounts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 may not be combined

  1. Reservation Discount $5.00 Off
  2. Daily Discounts (Excluding Holidays)
    Monday–Women’s Day (If there is a women in the boat 10% off)
    Tuesday–Midweek Discount 10% off
    Wednesday–Midweek Discount 10% off
    Thursday–Midweek Discount 10% off
    Friday–Kid’s Day (If there is a kid under 16 in the boat 10% off)
  3. Grandparent/Grandchild (if both are in the boat 10% off)
  4. Multiple Day 10% off (must pay for all days on first day)
  5. Active Military 10% off any day (must have military ID)
  6. DeKalb County Residents 10% off any day (must show proof of residency)

131 thoughts on “Boat Rental Rates

  1. I was just wondering what the difference is between a “bass boat” and the “14′ bass boat?” I am looking to come out to Shabbona on my birthday to do some all day fishing.

    Thank you

  2. On 8-24-13 My wife and I rented a row boat with a 15 inch transom to mount my classic outboard on. This boat had the aluminum missing over the top of the transom leaving the wood exposed to the elements. Yes, the wood was rotting and waterlogged. When I tightened the transom clamps on the motor it squeezed water out of the wood. I can’t speak for the other boats you rent but this one was NOT fit for the water. I rented this boat for 4 hours but cut it short after 2 hours as the motor would loosen and tend to come off the transom. After looking at the other 15 inch row boats they were indeed in poor working condition. On the bright side your dock hands were extremely helpful. At some point please send these boats back to the manufacturer for refurbishing!

    Jim M.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you for sharing your concern. We are happy to have your feedback and will do our best to fix the issues you reported. I shared your information with Clint and Denny.

      ~ Becky

  3. Do all motor boats come with a fire extinguisher and a throw cushion? I noticed that you have seperate rental rates for them.

  4. How old do you need to be to rent either a motor boat or a row boat? Or is it just one age for all boats?

  5. do all your pontoon have a electric trolling motor, fish finder and bimini top to keep in shade or rain. do you have childrens life jackers for age three?

    • Fisherman Pontoon has deep finder and trolling motor. It has a bimini top. There is no additional cost for the life jackets and the minimum age is 2.

      • are the pontoons handicapp accessible. My dad is an exfisherman and I would like to take him fishing but his mobility is limited.

        • Hi Carol ~ I know they have at least one pontoon that is handicap accessible. Please call the bait shop at 815-824-2581 to confirm. ~ Becky

  6. I was wondering what the rules for bringing your own boat? I have a 19foot bass boat and the last time i know you have a horse power limit but i was also told that you could use a bigger motor just have to keep it at idle to move around the lake.because a trolling motor wouldn’t last all day….

  7. Do your motor boats come with a anchor?
    If so is there 1 or 2 anchors on your motor boats?
    Thank you

  8. I was wondering how many passengers the bass boat and the motor boat carry? I’m looking to put 3-4 people on a boat, so which one gives more room? Thanks

    • Both have the same limit – 5 people or 676 lbs whichever comes first. Bass boat is nicer because it has electric start steering wheel, padded seats, live well, trolling motor and deep finder.

  9. Hi, When do you stop renting row boats for the season? Also, are there dock hands available at all times? Thank you so much! Jim

    • They will stop renting boats around beginning of November. Depends upon the weather & lake conditions. Someone is always available to help you at the dock (even if it’s the bait shop guy). Just ask.

  10. I called the bait shop today and was told i had to rent and pick up the fishing pontoon from the bait shop because they have to plug them in at night and clean them when it comes in I’m kinda confused because you said they would make arrangements to bring it to the camp store boat docks. May be the guy i spoke with was confused??

    • Jeff,
      My apologies if I provided you wrong information. It could be the size of the pontoon you are renting that determines where it can be docked overnight.

      The bait shop will have the most accurate information as they are on the lake and I sit behind the computer :) keeping the site up to date. You most likely spoke to my dad or brother.

      Also, October is late in the season and the hours change in the campground for The Camp Store. Not sure if that matters in this case or not.

      I am glad you pointed out that I provided you with inaccurate information. Next time, I will call the bait shop to confirm my answer on boat locations between the camp ground and main boat building.

      Once again my apologies,

      • No problem, I was looking at the fishing pontoon he said they have to plug it in so im assuming to charge the batteries.I think i read somewhere the camp store is closed during the week in Oct. What if someone has an rv and no other means of transportation to get over to the bait shop?

        • I would recommend that they call the bait shop at 815-824-2581 to see if special arrangements could be made for a pick up / drop off. There would be a fee for such a service and it would all depend on employee availability. There are days/times where employees may be able to provide such a service.

          During the spring and fall we operate on a limited staff, so chances are there would be no one available for transportation.

  11. If I rent a motor boat, are there seats for the boat that have backs on them? If not may I bring my own?
    Thank you,

  12. Hello,
    I was wondering if we could rent a boat with an outboard motor that has oars as well for rowing.

  13. We will be camping from October 3rd – October 9th Would we be able to rent the fisherman’s pontoon on October 4th and 5th from the camp store? Also can the pontoon be tied up at our camp site at night or would we have return it and go back in the morning to get it?

  14. If I rent a boat for this Sat and need to switch from an 11 person to an 8 person will I be charged a fee? I wont be sure until the day of how many people will be coming. If the weather is bad (rainy or windy) can I cancel without being charged a fee?

  15. So the 5 passenger limit applies to rowboats regardless of age/weight is that correct? What boat would you recommend for a family of 6 – 2 adults and 4 kids ages 7,6,4, and 1? We are responsible but inexperienced boaters just wanting to take the kids out on the lake perhaps this friday sept 14 if something is available. Thanks!

    • Call 815-824-2581 at least 1 hour before your rental to cancel. If you call before then, your card will not be charge the rental fee.

  16. I wanted to find out if the bass boat for an all day rental comes with the Depth finder,Trolling motor.I wanted to find out what comes with an all day rental.
    Thank you

    • Yes bass boats do come with a depth finder. And front trolling motor. Not sure how to answer the rest of your question

    • Bass boat comes with depth finder, trolling motor, live well, electric start steering wheel and padded seats.

  17. Hi, Would one of the dock hands be able to help me place my small outboard on a rowboat and also help me remove it? Thanks, Jim

  18. What hours can you rent a boat? What’s the latest a boat can be returned in the evening?

  19. I noticed the boat rental dock is at the opposite end of the lake from the campsites. If we rent a pontoon, will I be able to pickup/drop off folks at the campsite dock?

    • You can rent your boat directly from The Camp Store located on the shore of Shabbona Lake inside the Campground. This is the same as renting from Lakeside.

  20. Can I bring my dog (70ish pound black lab) in the boat? I was thinking of the smallest pontoon. He has his own PFD, not that he would be swimming, but in case of emergency.

    • Your dog is allowed on a Motor Boat or Row boat. However, we do not allowed pets on the bass boat or a pontoons.

  21. Hello, We were wondering if you reserve a pontoon and the weather is rainy or stormy, do you still have to pay for it, or can you cancel? Thank you!

    • As long as you call the bait shop at least 1 hour before your arrival you will not be charged. Bait Shop phone number is 815-824-2581.

  22. Hello do you have any 6 man pontoons boats available for June 23 and what is the time frame for the 4 hr rate. Thanks Hope

  23. How thick are the transoms on your rowboats? I want to make sure my antique motors transom clamps open far enough. Thanks!

  24. I have a question. I am planning on going camping there this weekend and I want to rent a boat with my 5 year old daughter. I am over 18 and have a valid driver’s license however no boating license or anything…is it possible for me to get a boat still or what do I have to do in order to make this happen?

    Also- curious how you go about getting the right kind of license for this…? Thanks!!

    • Hi Jackie,

      As long as you have a driver’s license you can rent a boat. There is nothing else you will need. The boys at the boat docks will even give you a brief lesson on how to run the boats. Enjoy your trip!


  25. Wondering about renting the 11 passenger pontoon boat on July 4th for the whole day. Would you be able to tell me how much the total would be for all day and the hours it would be to rent? Was also wondering if being on the Lake during the fireworks is allowed. Thank you!

    • All Day Boat rental for the 11 passenger pontoon boat is $250. You would have the boat from 6 AM to 7 PM. All our rental boats need to be in by 7PM so you would not be able to view the fireworks from the lake. Private boat owners are allowed on the water during fireworks as they just need to be out of the park by 10 PM.

      As of right now, the 11 passenger pontoon boat is not available. All other pontoons are available. I would suggest that you reserve the boat using the online form or call 815-824-2581.

    • There is no swimming allowed at Shabbona Lake. The lake was built for fishing and has standing trees. It would be to dangerous for tubing.

  26. Hello,
    What’s the best pontoon boat to use for fishing? I have a total of 5 people (2 adults and 3 children).

  27. Hey I’m interested in a 6 passenger pontoon rental for memorial day weekend, are they sold out yet? and my son was interested in a boat that he can stand up in and fish, we’ve rented an 11 passenger pontoon in the past at starved rock and he could stand in that boat just fine.


  28. How big is the motor on the pontoon that seats 11, and do i have to rent life jackets for all 11 people, and is gas included with the initial price? thanks

    • Yes you can bring your 5 year old. Kids 2 and under require parents to provide a life jacket. For kids over 2 we have life jackets on site.

    • Walk-ins are always welcome on the day of your visit. You can rent any boat that is available the day of your visit to Shabbona Lake. Just stop in Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental.

  29. Do you have any boat rentals that I could put a 10 hp antique outboard on it? If so, what would the rental be?

    Thank you,Jim

  30. I was just wondering if i rent a row boat can i bring my own trolling motor and hook it up to the back of the boat? I do this often in the Chicago Forest Preserve.

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