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Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental Tip Board

The Shabbona Lake Tip board will help you catch the next big fish.  Learn what lure or bait to use, the location to fish and a tip from the Shabbona Lake experts.

updated 01-20-14

The location numbers refer to areas on the free Shabbona Lake fishing map. http://shabbonalake.com/index.php/fishing/free-lake-map/

Lure:  Jigging Rapala, Swedish Pimple, Rocker Jigs
Bait: Golden Roaches, Bass Minnows
Location: NMZ, Green Weeds, Dropoffs, NE Bay
Tip: Pinch off tail of Bass Minnow and jig with Swedish Pimple

Lure: Tip Ups
Bait: 4″ Suckers/ Roaches
Location: Bays, Trees, No Motor Zone
Tip: Find the shad.

Lure: Swedish Pimple, Rocker Jigs
Bait: Bass Minnows, Golden Roaches
Location: Bridge, Green Weeds, Timber
Tip: Look for Walleye in about 10′ – 20′ feet of Water

Lure: Swedish Pimple
Bait: Leaf Worms, Nightcrawles
Location: Deep Trees, Foundations
Tip: Suspended high in water column

Lure: Mini Mites, Small Jigs
Bait: Wax Worm, Leaf Worms
Location: Cribs, Brushpiles, Emerging Weed Beds
Tip: Look for green weeds.

Lure: Ratso, Shrimpo, Tungsten Jigs
Bait: Crappie Minnow, Wax Worm
Location: Deep Trees, Timber, Fish Cribs
Tip: Look for wood, find Crappie


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