Financial Help Needed!!!

We are repairing the Smallmouth Bass rearing pond.  As you may or may not know, it does not drain completely, leaving stranded fish. We have contacted a contractor to install another drain pipe that will be lower than the existing drain pipe. This should fix the issue. We are awaiting an estimate (hopefully by Friday, October 2nd).

We are also going to repair the Spillway barrier fence. This fence captures Muskie & Walleye that escape from Shabbona Lake by going over the Spillway.  The fish are trapped in a 200 feet stretch of water.  The Muskie & Walleye are then rescued by the local Muskie Clubs and Shabbona Lake Sportsman Club Members.

The existing posts are not strong enough to hold up against the water & debris that flows thru during high water. So we are going to replace those posts with I-Beams that will not ever bend. (same contractor, Bob Kyler Escavating, Malta, Illinois)

Here is where we need help!!!!!!!

As everyone knows the State of Illinois does not have any money. There will be NO state funds available to do these projects. Shabbona Lake Sportsman Club, Friends Of Shabbona Lake State Park and of course our very supportive Muskie Clubs will all help, but with the two projects, will will need additional donations, to complete both of them.

Once we know our exact costs, we will begin a public donation period to raise funds. We want to complete these projects by the end of October.

So everybody stay tuned, spread the word, we need funds to keep Shabbona Lake the Illinois Best Fishing Lake. If you enjoy Shabbona Lake, please give back. Donations WILL be tax deductable!

We will be counting on you and others!!!

Stripers Love Nightcrawlers

Got out tonight with my grandson, Anthony, for about 2 hours.  Stripers were going nuts breaking the surface all around us.  We hooked several, 4 broke off, two in a nearby submerged tree and two simply broke our 8 lb test.  Lost probably another 5-6 reeling them in.  We kept 4 that were gut hooked.  They were 25″, 23″,  22″ & 19″. We released around 6 undersized. We went thru about 30 nightcrawlers. Several times we had strikes at the same time, and we managed one double catch.

We were using a #2 hook with a nightcrawler, Texas Rigged, and a 1/8 ounce bullet weight, with a BB split shot about 18 inches above the hook, keeping the bullet weight away from the hook.


Friends Of SLSP Meeting, Everyone Welcome!!!

Friends of Shabbona Lake State Park & Want to be Friends,


I wanted to remind everyone of our next meeting being held on August 5th at 7pm in the Resource Bank in Shabbona.


The agenda has been posted online at:…-15-Agenda.pdf.


​I look forward to seeing all who can attend and am excited about talking with everyone about the future of our organization. We’ve already started to accomplish some of our goals and it’s important to hear from all of our members about what they would like to see done next at the park. This meeting will allow you to voice your opinions on what this organizations top priorities should be and how funds should be allocated. If you’re unable to attend this meeting please remember to check our website for future volunteering opportunities. With your help we can continue to make a positive impact on the park.


I would also like to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to Dan Raih and the other volunteers for helping our organization stripe the parking lots throughout the Park. This would have been very difficult for us to accomplish without the use of Dan’s machinery and his expertise. He was assisted in this project by Rich McElligott, Jim Peaslee, Larry Kipman, Peter Jourdal, Tim Pierce, Tim Tausch and four of Tim’s boy scout troops. The Brewer Company donated all the materials needed for this project and deserves a special thank you as well.


Spencer Meyers, President

Friends Of Shabbona Lake State Park
4201 Shabbona Grove Road
Shabbona, IL 60550
815 824 2106

Thank You To Friends Of Shabbona Lake State Park!!!

On Friday evening, July 24, 2015, the Friends of Shabbona Lake State Park organized & completed a work day to paint the parking lots stripes at Shabbona Lake State Park.  All of the paint was donated and all of the labor and machinery was volunteered.

Dan Raih obtained the paint striping machine and ran the machine, as he painted the stripes.  Dan was assisted by Rich McEligott, Jim Peaslee, Larry Kimpan, Peter Dordal, Tim Pierce and Tim Tausch, along with 4 Boy Scouts from Tim’s Scout Troop.

They started around 4:30 PM and all lots were done by 10 PM.

If you would like to join “Friends”, please go to the web page and sign up!!!

There will be more opportunities soon for all of us to help make Shabbona Lake State Park even better!!!

Thanks again Friends Of Shabbona Lake State Park!!!