Schaumburg Fishing Show

Muskie 72Aaron Sands & Denny Sands will be the opening Act for the 3rd year in a row at the Chicagoland Fishing,Travel & Outdoor Expo at the Schaumburg Convention Center. The show opens Thursday, January 28th at 12:00 PM. We will be doing our Seminar on “Bass & Walleye Fishing at Shabbona Lake” starting at 1:00 PM at Seminar Hall (Level 2).

It is quite an honor to be the opening act for the 3rd straight year !!!

We will also be doing a seminar on Saturday, January 30th at 12:30 PM at Seminar Hall (Level 2). This is a very prime spot, they give us, on the busiest day of the Expo.

We will be there every day at our booth (334). Make sure you stop by and say Hi !!! ​This show is by far the most attended Fishing Show in Chicagoland.

Lakeside Boat Rental

Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental has put away all of its boats and motors for the year.

Until ice up, Lakeside will not be open regular hours.  However, we may or may not be around the bait shop, finishing up end of the year end shutdown.  If you see our vehicles around feel free to stop in.  We still have some limited bait.

Also, stop in and take a look at our ice fishing tackle.  We already have over 90% of our order in.  If you would like to special order some equipment (tents, augers, cameras) let us know, we can probably beat anyone’s price.

Remember, when ice fishing starts, we will have ice fishing tents, propane power augers, underwater cameras and vexilars to rent daily. Our ice fishing tackle selection is outstanding, featuring Tungsten ice jigs and Swedish Pimples, as well as a large selection of small plastics, such as Wedgies.

935 Walleye Stocked Into Shabbona Lake!!!

Thanks to generous donations by customers at Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental, 935 were purchased from Logan Hollow Fish Hatchery and stocked into Shabbona Lake today, 11-02-15

Once again we see why Shabbona Lake is such a great fishing lake. Thanks to pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars donated, Shabbona Lake has a new stocking of 5-7 inch Walleye. Those who fish Shabbona Lake generously give back to Shabbona Lake!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

5-7 Inch Walleye2 Brett2 Christian2 Corbin2 Unknown Fisherman2

Crappie Bite

The last 4 days I have been Crappie fishing 3 times.  Caught limits everyday on minnows in Fish Cribs, Shallow Brush and Weeds.  Even caught some in the deep trees 25+ feet down.  I have always had a theory about the Fall Crappie Bite.  As soon as the shad hatch-lings becomes too big for the Crappie to swallow in the Fall, the Crappie all of the sudden become very vulnerable to a Crappie minnow.  The Crappie are hungry, the shad are too big to swallow and the Crappie minnow looks very tasty.




Thanks to generous donations from the Friends Of Shabbona Lake State Park and the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance the pot holes in the East boat ramp has been fixed. We have been waiting several years for the State Of Illinois to fully repair the main boat launch. However, the State, as we all know, does not have funds available for projects like this.

So the “Friends” and the “ISA” each donated $1,200 (total $2,400) to fix the east boat ramp, which was really becoming a hazard.

Saying Thanks, does not seem enough, as once again we realize why Shabbona Lake is such a special place.

If you are at a Fishing Show this Winter and see a Smallmouth Alliance Booth, stop by and tell them what you really think.

If you are thinking about joining Friends Of Shabbona Lake State Park, why not now!!!

Go to and sign up or make a donation. Friends is a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

​Soon you will also be hearing about 2 more pending “Friends” projects, Entrance Sign Beautification and Spillway Barrier Repair.

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